ESERA (Ecosystems, Society and Economics of the Region of Aral) Project

The ESERA project is aimed at studying the problems and modern state of the environment and socio-economic infrastructure of the Aral Sea region, as well as increasing the attractiveness of science and research for the younger generation.

The main goal of the project is to increase the research potential of young researchers through case studies aimed at monitoring the current state and assessing the impact of climate change on the regional environmental and socio-economic security of the region.



  • Give a general characteristic of phyto fauna and investigate the dynamics of the spread of saxaul on the drained bottom of the Aral Sea;
  • To investigate the current state of socio-economic infrastructure, including the dynamics of the development of fisheries in the Aral district of Kyzylorda region;
  • Provide an overall assessment of the impact of climate change on the region's environmental and socio-economic performance;
  • Publish research results in the electronic journal Central Asian Journal for Water Research.