Training for Government representatives of the Republic of Uzbekistan: NEXUS assessment: water-energy-food-ecosystems interaction

Date of the training: June 16 - 17, 2022

Venue: Daniel Hill hotel, Tashkent

The training for civil servants of the Republic of Uzbekistan was conducted by the Kazakh-German University with the support of the USAID Regional Water and Vulnerable Environment Activity.

The training was attended by 26 people, 19 of them from the state bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 4 representatives from universities, 3 - NGOs. Approximately 80% of the participants were men, and more than half of the participants were over 40 years of age.

The training included a theoretical and practical part. The first day was devoted to the theoretical part. The practical part was implemented on the second day - in the form of a business game on the basis of a specially developed Case Study No. 2  “Description of the situation in the water, food, energy sectors and ecosystems of a conditional macro-region of the basin of the transboundary river Alpha”.

In general, the participants were satisfied with the overall organization of the training, about 90% of the trainees rated it as excellent. The majority of participants (96%) agreed that the training format is convenient and allows them to focus on tasks and find the best solution. The majority (91%) of the participants also agreed with the time frame for the training, only 4% of the trainees marked that a day and a half is not enough for such training. According to 87% of the participants, the handout was clear and easy to understand. Almost all participants (91%) highly appreciated the competence of the speakers. 91% of trainees believe that the rules of the game were clear. Most of the participants (96%) shared the opinion that the atmosphere in the groups was conducive to concentration. The usefulness of this training for their professional activities and overall satisfaction with the training were highly appreciated by 78% and 70% of the surveyed participants, respectively. The participants were interested in almost all the topics covered during the training.

At the end of the training, all participants were presented with certificates.

Photo gallery: Training in the Republic of Uzbekistan