Project "Involvement of youth in solving environmental problems in Almaty"

Project implementation dates: February 22, 2022 - February 23, 2023

Project beneficiaries: students of universities in Almaty, young professionals, eco-activists.

On February 22, 2022, Kazakh-German University, with the support of the Eurasia Foundation, launched a project to involve young people in solving the environmental problems of Almaty. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the project is being implemented in partnership with non-governmental and non-profit environmental organizations in Almaty, such as: PF "Protect Almaty", PF "Recycle Birge" and PF "Green Oi".

Project Goals
1) Preparing future leaders with active citizenship who understand and are able to analyze the interconnection (nexus) of environmental, social, economic and political problems for sustainable urban development and make constructive, thoughtful decisions for the benefit of the city and the nation.
2) Discussion of the country's international obligations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the implementation of the Aarhus Convention and other obligations of the country under international environmental agreements in order to contribute to the improvement of the city's ecology.
3) Training on examples of environmental components (air, water, waste, etc.) to create a harmonious urban environment and understanding the context and ways to solve the availability of individual components of this environment for city citizens in the required, safe quality and sufficient quantity.

First results of the project:

1) On March 18, 2022, a seminar “City of Active Citizens” was held at KNU as part of the project “Involving youth and students in solving environmental problems using the example of Almaty”.

During the seminar, the participants got acquainted with the activities of environmental NGOs and listened to presentations from environmentalists and activists in Almaty:

- Saltanat Tashimova and Zhanna Nurseitova spoke about the activities and success stories of the NGO "Protect Almaty" and the NGO "Green Oi",

- Sergey Kuratov and Svetlana Spatar from the Ecological Society "Green Salvation" presented the importance of preserving national parks,

- Co-founders of Recycle BIRGE Aliya Salmenova and Pakizat Saylaubekova spoke about the activities of the Recycle.birge Ecological Movement.

 - Khalida Azhigulova gave an interesting tour of advocacy and human rights for a clean environment.

- Anara Forrester introduced the participants to the cultural heritage of Almaty. and monumental art of Kazakhstan.

The seminar webinar can be viewed at the link:

2) As part of the project implementation, 11 people successfully completed environmental practice in NGOs in Almaty, 3 of whom subsequently applied for the implementation of their environmental mini-projects.

Next steps:

1) Implementation of 3 environmental mini-projects from the participants;

2) Conducting a seminar "City without smog and garbage";

3) Conducting a final seminar on the results of the implementation of projects from the participants.