EU-CA Academic School on Environmental Economics for University Teachers of Central Asia


Dates: 12-30 April 2021


The objective of the school is to share the European Union experience on green finance and innovative economic tools and incentives to achieve ambitious targets of green economy.    


Organizing partners: Kazakh-German University (DKU) with support from the EU-funded project "European Union – Central Asia Water, Environment and Climate Change Cooperation" (WECOOP).


More information is also available on the partner's website.



What is the idea behind the School?

A crucial aspect of promoting environmental education that needs to be approached is interdisciplinarity and the engagement of specialists from different disciplines. Generally, the relationship between the environment and such disciplines as economics and finance is not always clearly noticeable and, consequently, not always included in the teaching materials of these disciplines at universities. Therefore, the School invites specialists in economics and finance and related disciplines to learn about the European Union's experience with green finance and innovative economic instruments and incentives.


Expected results: 

  • Individual teaching materials on new disciplines with a focus on environmental economics were developed (curriculums, terminology, practical cases, etc.) to use as guidance in further work if necessary;
  • Lectures and practical seminars on environmental economics.


For more information please contact: Balzhan Zhumagazina,